VW Part Numbers Explained

VW Part Numbers Explained

This blog attempts to explain the VW Group part number system. The system used dates back to the 1930s and the original designs created by Ferdinand Porsche. It may look scary, but once you learn the basics, you’ll find that the system is quite consistent and makes things easier to understand.

In addition to VW, this part numbering system is applicable to the entire Volkswagen Group, which includes SEAT, Skoda and Audi, as well as other brands such as Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini and Porsche.

Below aims to address the common conventions. There are some (probably quite a lot) of exceptions to these rules, but generally the information is correct.
Something to be mindful of. The letter O is not normally used in the part numbers. So 1J0 is correct, not 1JO.

Looking up part numbers

Part numbers and fitment information can be found through ETKA, the electronic parts number catalogue for VAG. Official legal copies of ETKA are expensive, and normally reserved for dealerships and high level parts suppliers. However, for about £30/month, independent users and businesses can purchase access to an online version, called partslink24, and search part numbers and place orders online. The subscription will also gives you the ability to identify the exact parts that are fitted to a specific vehicle by entering the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

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